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Diversity, fairness and inclusiveness

Our employees are the key to our long-term success-from exceeding customer expectations to expanding possibilities in the aerospace and defense fields. When we accept all forms of diversity, we provide opportunities for our employees, customers, suppliers, and communities. Our multi-year plan will create meaningful and measurable progress to promote diversity, fairness and inclusiveness both inside and outside the company.

Our pillars of action

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Public policy advocacy

We are advancing educational initiatives, judicial reforms, and economic policies to support equality in the communities in which we live and work. 

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Community Involvement

We have committed $25 million to address education and food insecurity in racially and ethnically marginalized communities.

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Workforce diversity

We are carrying out more in-depth talent inclusion work and investing more resources to develop and maintain a more diverse workforce.

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Supplier diversity

We will solve the problem of economic equality in our supply chain by evaluating and analyzing our supplier relationships.

Our partners

We cultivate deep strategic partnerships to expand our ability to attract, cultivate and attract a diverse talent pool on a global scale. 

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Our employees are the key to our long-term success.

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