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The merger of the aerospace businesses of Raytheon and United Technologies has created the world's most advanced aerospace and defense system supplier—and a company that believes it has a responsibility to make the world a better place.

From improving the fuel efficiency and safety of commercial air travel to building smarter defense systems to deal with complex security threats, we have a responsibility to respond to these severe challenges in our industry, our customers, and all end users of our technology.

This responsibility also extends far beyond our business operations. We are committed to using our resources and talents to help meet the needs of our communities and build a better future together.

This page includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) information and disclosures that support our approach to sustainable development.

SASB disclosure

2020 marks our first disclosure of compliance with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) framework. It follows the disclosure and accountability guidelines of the aerospace and defense industries, which are most closely related to Raytheon's operations. We expect that these disclosures will continue to mature over time.

Environment, health and safety

Raytheon Technologies’ traditional companies all have a long history of excellence as an EH&S management leader. As a combined company, we reaffirmed this commitment. Based on best practices, we have formulated a new set of EH&S principles, management systems and sustainable development goals for 2025.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility drives our investment in employees and the diversified and united workplaces we have established. Through transformative investments, we are committed to investing resources and talents to help meet the needs of our communities and build a better future together.

Diversity, fairness and inclusiveness

Diversity, fairness and inclusiveness are not just part of our culture-they are rooted in our business strategy. Our multi-year plan will create meaningful and measurable progress to promote diversity, fairness and inclusiveness both inside and outside the company.

Workforce development

Raytheon Technologies is a company that builds a career. From our funding of employees’ college degrees and other educational pursuits through our Employee Scholar Program, to our respected professional development program, and our facilitating mentorship among colleagues across disciplines and different career stages, we have cultivated competence Employees and future leaders.

Conflict minerals

Our company is committed to complying with conflict minerals rules, and we have established a compliance program that complies with the due diligence framework established by the internationally recognized Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The annual form SD Disclosure Report RTX file submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) describes the due diligence measures taken by RTX during the reporting period.

Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance provides the framework for our culture of integrity and ethical behavior. Our board of directors and policies guide our actions and manage the relationship between employees, customers and the community.

Ethics and compliance

"Hand in hand" is our code of conduct, which aims to motivate, guide and achieve our individual and collective best performance. By helping us identify potentially challenging situations, this Code promotes ethical decision-making and behavior. The code is not just about avoiding bad results; it's about how we do business. By setting standards and guiding us to comply with our values, this Code helps us build a strong ethical culture and achieve our business goals with integrity.

Finance and documents

We comply with the highest standards of financial reporting.

Data privacy

Raytheon Technologies respects the privacy of its website visitors, and we have implemented various protection measures to protect any personal information we may collect. Our company has also passed rules authorizing the sharing of personal information between our companies to comply with local regulations.


We seek to develop strategic relationships with suppliers who share the same values and are committed to providing solutions that define the future of aerospace and defense. As an important part of our team, our ethical and compliance expectations for suppliers are the same as our expectations for senior staff, directors, employees and representatives. The RTX Supplier Code of Conduct defines our expectations for each product and service supplier.

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