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"Frozen" Fiber Drink (EX)
  (8g*30 bags/box) (vegetarian)

"Brozen" fiber drink (EX), no additives, no chemicals, only 10 calories per pack!

It is easy to carry, supplements dietary fiber at any time, and can add any hot or cold drinks to drink.


*Doctor's professional formula, HACCP safety process, ISO22000 safety and health process

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📷Cool drink




"Booming" high-efficiency biological absorption
(60 capsules/box) (vegetarian)

One capsule per day, start the cell enzyme synthesis engine!

Contains food-based natural magnesium, zinc, chromium and'selenium' and other high-efficiency mineral elements, which are far greater than the natural absorption capacity of general chemical synthetic products on the market, and can accurately meet the needs.


Strengthen the body's natural protective power, strengthen the mind and metabolism, and enhance the body's natural regulation ability.


It is a highly effective replenishment formula specially designed for busy families and men and women who live a whole-hearted life!


*Doctor's professional formula, GMP pharmaceutical grade, HACCP safety process, ISO22000 safety and health process


Good intestinal health, good immunity! You can also easily SO at home.
One pack of "Brozen®" a day helps the digestive tract health.
One "Booming®" a day to enhance immune resistance.


Prevent the epidemic from your own home, #heguo Force will accompany you to prevent the epidemic with less effort!
Home delivery + cash on delivery without going out!

Let Blast Freeze®, 30 packs in a box. Become your portable vegetables!
Let Bojin®, 90 capsules in a box. Become your golden protection!
1➕1>2 protection!


HOHO Extremely Moisturizing Coral Calcium (Hydrogen Capsule)
  (90 pcs/pack) 

Japan's pure natural HOHO PURE HYDROGEN CAPSULE Hydrogen Capsule

"Hydrogen" = "Hydrogen molecule"

Continuously release hydrogen, B3, vitamin C and a variety of essential trace elements for human body from 24h to 48h


​Other platforms can also be purchased

Available at 175 pharmacies across the province
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