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Frozen fiber drink (EX)
  (8g*30 bags/box) (vegetarian)

Metabolism falls asleep, the intestines go on strike, causing bad breath, and pimples on the face. Part of the reason is the accumulation of dirt in the digestive tract.


Chinese people who eat out often have insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables, irregular emptying of intestinal waste, and neglect of environmental protection in the body.


Heguo Force takes "natural and no additives" as the main axis, pursuing a healthier life!

You can't miss it!

#Vegan formula.

#My portable small fiber vegetables.

#爆冻 in hand makes your intestinal troubles no longer.

# Less sugar and less burden. #益生元. #Simulate fasting.

#Light card is full. #Full silky smooth. #轻細食.
#High-Fiber satiety brewing bag. #外食必囤.


Explosive high-efficiency bio-absorbability
(60 capsules/box) (vegetarian)

2021 new product launch


【Family Specialty】Certified natural, 【Efficient replenishment】Natural chelation 【Vitamins】(Vitamin fortification supplementary formula)


One capsule per day, activates the cell enzyme synthesis engine, replenishes the spirit, and replenishes the nutrients needed for metabolism. It is a highly effective supplement formula specially designed for busy families and men and women living wholeheartedly!


Suitable for: men and women of all kinds of ethnic groups, office workers, foodies, stay-up people, social groups, mature and healthy people.


*This product is a doctor's professional formula

*High-standard production by GMP pharmaceutical factory

*HACCP and ISO 22000 double standard safety certification


about us

Heguo Force is a start-up company for industrial design and nutrition technology development.

Although it has only been established for more than one year, a number of products have been used in the auxiliary adjustment of medical institutions and clinics, and have been promoted in 174 pharmacies and clinics across Taiwan. In the future, it will continue to expand in related fields.


In the aspect of industrial design, we believe that only through the use of empirical science and technology in product design and development to achieve the goal of benefiting people's health and improving people's lives is the necessary foundation for the coexistence of corporate development in society.

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Available at 175 pharmacies across the province
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